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What I like about the Kosmo Kalindar and How I Use It

Guest Post // Review by Andreea Mănescu


I didn’t forget to write. You know, the classical “I didn’t have time” but a little more nuanced, as follows:

I like that the way the Year is represented has interiority and exteriority. For me, this is important because it reminds me to focus on the inside and from there to radiate action to the outside.

I also think of Kairos, the youngest son of Zeus, as the inner time, the opportune moment or the lived time, unlike Chronos, which is outer time, calendar, quantitative and measurable.

Myths say about Kairos that he always appears naked, so that no one should catch him by his clothes and that you can’t see him with your eyes, only with your heart.

This text, for example, I have not had time to write until today. And it’s not just because I work too hard or my job is demanding, because I actually had the time, in minutes and hours, but I didn’t find the inner time to do it.



Brâncuși, I think, said that it is not difficult to do something, but to put yourself in the mood to do it.

I resonate with that, and I think it applies especially to creative time. For me, it’s also the main reason why I don’t manage to stick to deadlines (much), I need flow to carry something to the end.

Ending cycles, beginning cycles. Photo courtesy of Andreea Mănescu. Pictured: Connect — 2022 kalindar (up) and the 2021 Kalindar with Andreea’s interventions and notations (down).

I really like the circular representation because it is all-encompassing but finite. That reassures me, gives me an overview and a sense of contentment in which I can gather.

And I like that this cyclic representation reminds me how all things have a beginning, a middle, and an end. For me, this is reassuring, to go through these stages and get to the end where I can start again.

This thing about the end does not lead me to the ephemerality of life but to the idea of ​​finish line and celebration.

I really like to complete cycles, especially because nowadays the end has a bad reputation and too many things start and pile up in the corners of the mind or memory because I don’t give them a chance to end.
And here I am not just referring to projects or ideas started, I am also referring to parts of my identity, those ‘I would like to be more …’ that must be left to meet your end, even cried sometimes, as new possibilities can grow or for already grown parts to develop.

So for all this (and for what did not coagulate in words) thank you KosmoKalindar!





Andreea Mănescu enrolled in basic training in analytical psychotherapy when she was in her second year of college.

Back then she didn’t know why she chose to go on Jung’s path and to this day, the answer is still being revealed to her. Her journey so far has been the journey of the dancer who listens to music and dances without knowing the steps. She resigned her job as an office manager and started working as a psychotherapist, guiding and listening to the inner and outer stories of people who choose to do therapy with her. Besides her webpage, you can also find her on Instagram and on Facebook.