2024 kalindars

Off we go! Another year, another ride around the Sun.

The Kosmo Kalindar is a simple yet wise companion, offering a larger, different perspective of the year.


Why a round calendar?

Earth revolves around the Sun. The Moon revolves around Earth. Earth revolves around itself.

It all goes round and round
(actually in wiggly elipses but circles are a good-enough-metaphor)

The year flows in cycles and seasons, so we figured that a circular calendar is the most appropriate way to illustrate this flow.

The Kosmo Kalindar concept offers a different, gentle, balanced & connected perspective on how we are in this world, including — but not exclusive to — our relationship with time.

Meet the lunar, solar, circular calendars, printed on museum quality paper. More info in their description!

The Kosmo Guide to the Cycles of Life is an extra tool of understanding the concept behind the kalindars and helps you make the most of the kalindar. FREE, when you purchase any of the Kalindars!

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