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Expanding the Circle — join our affiliate program!

Do you feel that everything is connected?

Are you deeply passionate about …

Spirituality, Alchemy, Psychology,
The Moon, Archetypes, Animism, Folklore, Astrology, Tarot, Herb Medicine, Ecology, Gardening & Permaculture, Astronomy, Art, Magick,
Women’s Health, and Cycles?

Do you have an online presence & some experience in creating content on any of the above topics? Or you dwell and thrive in these circles that fit your mind and soul?

Hop on our team to promote the Kosmo Kalindar and the values that bring us together!

Let’s expand the circle!

Just as we share values, we can share the wealth!

Supplement your income by doing what you love, help us reach more people, and grow the Kosmic Tribe.

Here’s how:

Fill in the form below. ▼ Down, at the bottom of this page.

After you join, you get access to your affiliate dashboard where you’ll find a referral link that leads to kalindar.net or a specific product or category.

You can personalize that link and make it your own.

For any order that comes from your specific link, you will get 25% of the value of the order!

At the moment, that is the biggest commission* that we can offer but it is site-wide, which means it includes the kosmic merch as well as any calendar.

In your account, you’ll be able to see all orders and the revenue that resulted from the orders placed through your specific referral link.

*the comission may change whithout prior notice but you get what you subscribed for, unless we discuss otherwise.

For example:

Someone clicks on your personal link. They order two medium size kalindars and pays 70 Euros + shipping + maybe taxes. We process the order and deliver it.

As an affiliate, you get 25% of 70 euros, that is 17.5 euros!
If they order one calendar, you get 8.75 euros.

Your Promo Coupon

We can also make a coupon for your audience, so you can offer them a discount from your side. Something like YOURNAME23
If they use your coupon, their order will automatically be attributed to you.

For example:

They get a 10% discount so if they buy one kalindar, they’ll pay 31.5 + shipping + maybe taxes.
You get 25% of 31.5, which is 7.875 euros for one kalindar.

A coupon is especially useful to share on social media when your post about the kalindar or any of the merch.

Use your own link to place an order and the 25% go back to your account!

Where to share your referral link?

Send the link to a friend, family or whoever feels appropriate — but please don’t spam, that never works and that is not the point.

Genuine, transparent communication and authentic content is what we’re looking for.

You can include that link on your blog in an article about the kalindar or any topic that is somehow connected to our products; on your web page, or anywhere on the internets, be it topics or comments on Reddit, Facebook groups or who-knows where.

Tell your audience that you’re also getting some revenue from the sales, surely they want to support you, as well as getting a very special calendar or beautifully designed merchandise.

We’ll add a Frequently Asked Question page soon enough.

Until then, contact us if you have questions!

Got you Interested? Register below and become one of our first promo partners!

Legal stuff

We will have to make a contract for any collab, in order to justify paying you money.

If you don’t have a way to legally charge money, we’ll still make a contract but we’ll only be able to pay your due revenue once every three months.