C.G. Jung – Kosmo Kalindar

What I like about the Kosmo Kalindar and How I Use It

Guest Post // Review by Andreea Mănescu   I didn’t forget to write. You know, the classical “I didn’t have time” but a little more nuanced, as follows: I like that the way the Year is represented has interiority and exteriority. For me, this is important because it reminds me to focus on the inside […]


The nature of 4

Design as part of the Kosmokalindar 2018 C.G. Jung had some pretty neat ideas about the squaring of the circle and the nature of four. Also, the Rhombus is a pretty neat symbol. Because rhombus contains vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously, we can say that is the symbol of the unification of matter and spirit. Unites […]