Kosmo Kalindar – A solar, lunar, time-keeping tool

2024 kalindarS

Kosmo Kalindar. A round, lunar & solar calendar.

Time: fluid, flowing & pulsating

The year — one of the many cycles of life here on earth — feels round to us

So, in 2015 the first KosmoKalindar was born.
A tool for measuring time that is Circular. Solar & lunar.

Easy to follow, beautiful to see

he Kosmokalindar offers a different, gentle, balanced & connected perspective on how we are in this world, including — but not exclusive to — our relationship with time.

A very special gift

For yourself, to enjoy following time as it passes, helping you notice the ebbs & flows of life.

For that friend of yours so obsessed with the moon.

For the magician hiding in there or the one that came out in the open.

Practical and easy to use

Can be used to keep track of planting and harvest time, menstrual cycles, days left until vacation or other important events. Just use a pen to mark it down on the kalindar.

Kosmo Kalindar for the Southern Hemisphere
2024 -not available

Living here, we cannot imagine how it is to have the warmest, longest days in December but we finally created the kalindar with the upside-down twist, for all of you who experience life on the other side of the equator!

2024 —A year to welcome the power of Balance

Kosmo Kalindar 2024 — ROMANIAN HOLIDAYS

A collaboration that started a while ago, the first edition of the Old Romanian Holidays Kalindar emerged in 2023.

We are welcoming the roots of this place in a contemporary visual interpretation, doubled by what the kosmo-kalindar always had to offer:
The circular design — Wheel of the Year, the days of the weeks noted in alchemical symbols to represent the associated planet, solstices and equinoxes and the phases of the moon.

Kosmo Kalindar 2024— CONNECT

The minimalistic kalindar.
For the mage, the ultra-creative, the scientist, the designer.  A fine grid of dots at 60° angle.
Sigils, runes, lines to connect important events on your calendar, your natal chart or someone else’s.
A safe space to draw your personal mandala of the year.
You have all the options to make it as personal and unique as your plans.

Kosmo Kalindar 2024 — THE TREE OF LIFE

A profound and ancient archetype, weaving its roots through various cultures and spiritual traditions.

A symbol of interconnectedness, growth, and eternal renewal, the Tree of Life transcends mere physical existence, embodying a spiritual essence that mirrors the cycles of life. It serves as a reminder that, just like the seasons, life is a perpetual dance of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth.

At the very heart and center of the World Tree kalindar, the vegvísir is to be found (Icelandic for “wayfinder”, lit. ’way shower’). It is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.


Spiritual, alchemical, magic t-shirts, accesories and art prints as a Manifesto for Wholeness
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