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Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia or … Whatever Day?

Oh, Valentine’s Day. The hype. The roses, chocolate, the cards, the fluff, the lingerie, the hearts, the love. February 14 is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 320 days remain until the end of the year (321 in leap years). In 2023, the Moon is Waning Crescent, 41% illuminated, passing through […]


Circle of stones at the sanctuary of Sarmizegetusa Regia

The Ancestral Circular Calendar

Article by Oana Verdier, first published here What is time, or better yet, how do we perceive it? Certainly today, time is understood as linear, with past, present and future all being intertwined but very well defined; however, how many of us remember a moment that impacted us many years ago, as being just as […]


white wolf, totem and spirit animal ofof Dacia

St. Andrew and the Wolves

Saint Andrew and his role in Romanian Mythology, the arhetype of the wolf as a protector and a brief account of his identity in history and Western Religion. 30 November — Day of Saint Andrew.


Martius: the month of Mars and the tradition of Mărțișor

How is the god of war connected to the season of Spring? As I write this article,  we just entered the month of Mars: the third month in the gregorian calendar and of the kosmo kalindar. It is the 60th day of the year (61st in leap years), 305 days remain until the end of […]


Kosmo Kalindar 2022 — Launching Event

An official introduction to the beautifully designed calendar for 2022 >> round, lunar, solar, and alchemical << that we call the Kosmo Kalindar, or just Kalindar. Greetings from the Past, Present and Future! TLDR — What to expect: // A dedicated space and time to show you a really cool calendar. // // There will […]


What I like about the Kosmo Kalindar and How I Use It

Guest Post // Review by Andreea Mănescu   I didn’t forget to write. You know, the classical “I didn’t have time” but a little more nuanced, as follows: I like that the way the Year is represented has interiority and exteriority. For me, this is important because it reminds me to focus on the inside […]


2021 Coming To An End

“For 2021, we figured an element of chaos will do us good, just to train our brains for the weirdness of this day and age.” —little did we know how much chaos 2021 will bear. Mimi Ciora — a Romanian artist based in Timișoara offered her interpretation of life unraveling itself during the course of […]