Kosmo Guide — Cycles of Life

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The Cycles of Light & Darkness
Positive & Negative, Action & Rest
Correspondences in Nature, the Human Body, and the Mind

— as observed on the kosmo kalindar


A digital guide through the seasons, moon cycles, female and male hormonal cycles and so much more.

Like any tool, the Kalindar needed a guide book and now it’s ready!

This e-booklet is the result of working with the kalindar throughout the years and observing how so much more then we know alignes perfectly with the simple practice of breath:

Let come — Hold on — Let go — Hold off.

Visual and easy to understand, integrative and holistic.

When you buy this guide you show extra appreciation for our work.
It’s like buying us a coffee and it’s highly appreciated!

1 review for Kosmo Guide — Cycles of Life

  1. Irina Rina

    Having access to this visual guide gives me insight on why sometimes I feel the way I do, i can prepare my tasks and note them down on the kalindar ahead of time, harvesting the energy of the Moon and Sun from that particular time of the year.
    Amazing info in such a small booklet. Highly recommend!

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