2023 —A magical playground

Kosmo Kalindar 2023 — L O V E

Ever since we started the kalindar tradition in 2015, the central space features an Imago Mundi: an image of the world that you can admire & interact with as it is or get down and creative and add your touch of magic.

For 2023, the heart of the Kalindar , simple yet striking, is custom-made by Rareș Moldovan (no pun intended! )

 Kosmo Kalindar 2023— CONNECT

For the second year in the kalindar’s history, a minimalistic alternative.
For the mage, the ultra-creative, the scientist, the designer.  A fine grid of dots at 60° angle.
Sigils, runes, lines to connect important events on your calendar or your natal chart or someone else’s.
A safe space to draw your personal mandala of the year.
You have all the options to make it as personal and unique as your plans.

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